6 Great Notions: Frankly for Any Demographic

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Customer-centricity

Came across this article on Forbes that highlights 6 key elements on how to appeal to Millenials. We talk a lot here at BrokerLift about designing service and product offerings aimed at target customer segments. The most underserved in the Insurance world are Millenials. Any Broker or Insurance business looking for current and future growth should think hard about this segment; their size and buying power are not to be ignored.

The link to the full article is below, as is the link to the authors eBook. The six themes the author shares are critical to consider as you work on your growth plan for the upcoming year.

In summary the six key points are:

  1. Millennials demand self-service, algorithmically, and crowdsourced customer service options.
  2. Paradoxically, millennial customers also crave a true, authentic, personalized experience as customers.
  3. They care about your values as a company.
  4. Millennial customers expect your company’s technology to simply work–so you’d better make sure that it does.
  5. Social consumption is the norm. And so is social decision-making as to whether or not to consume.
  6. Millennial customers want to collaborate and co-create with your brand.

What we like most about this list is its equally as useful and relevant when planning for other key segments like Gen-X or even Boomers.

Full article > http://onforb.es/1Pbv6Lp

Here’s the eBook >  http://amzn.to/1TA5yeI