Our shelves are stocked and we’re ready to serve.

by | Apr 17, 2017 | eCommerce, Uncategorised, Broker, Insurance

We created BrokerLift to help independent insurance retailers do what they do best – to be solution providers, providing the right protection for any risk. As consumers, when we buy direct from a manufacturer we only get what that company makes, however, when we buy from independent retailers we get access to variety. It’s one of our favorite analogies, “an insurance broker’s store has product on every shelf.” No matter the risk, a broker can advise, deliver or create a solution.

However, without digital distribution there are gaps. For example, sales and service can only be done during business hours. Lower premium products, no matter how applicable, are rarely sold as it’s unprofitable to do so. It’s also typical to try and be just good enough at everything in a small market, instead of being amazing at fewer things in a much broader and larger market.

Digital allows you to further stock your shelves. Feature products of any premium, have specialty isles with solutions you’re the best at, sell nationally and allow your customers to buy when it’s convenient for them – evenings or weekends.

One of our favorite parts about working closely with independent brokers is helping them bring new products to life, tackle underserved markets and sell 24/7.