Trust Me, Buy Now.

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Broker, Customer, Customer-centricity, Relationships

Why do customer’s buy online? There may be many reasons; unique product or service, price, unavailable in the physical world or maybe because it’s just convenient. Ultimately, it’s that convenience, or service, that brings a customer to your Brokerage’s website.

With the potential of new customers landing on your website one of those most critical things you’ll need to do is build their trust – and quick. You’ve got the right product, just what they were looking for, and the price is right so now how do you get them to push the buy button?

Users need to trust you’re legit. This starts with a professional, somewhat contemporary website, that let’s your visitor know you take technology seriously. Does the content on your site or landing page speak to the visitor’s need, is it authoritative, does it build confidence? Show you exist beyond the web, display your phone number prominently, include your address, consider an online chat tool. Avoid “boiler plate” content and cliché stock images. If you’ve got customer testimonials weave these into your pages in context – let potential customers know you have existing happy customers.

Building your business digitally is going to require a strong brand; your brokerage must stand out, capture your customer’s attention and deliver on your value proposition.