eCommerce at the Top of the List: What’s Your Strategy?

by | Nov 8, 2017 | eCommerce

eCommerce at the Top of the List: What's Your Strategy?

Online shopping has transformed how we discover, research, purchase and receive products – remember when Amazon only sold books … yeah, me neither. When was the last time you used a check to pay for … well, anything actually.

So when does ecommerce hit the insurance industry – hopefully sooner then later. More than three-quarters of surveyed property and casualty (P&C) and life insurers identified theneed to have effective web or e-commerce strategies as the number ONE trend affecting the industry, according to a joint study conducted by Gartner, Inc. and ACORD. (

I know what you’re thinking already; no one is going to buy Auto insurance online with their credit card without talking to someone; it’s just to complicated and expensive. Ok, so maybe that’s true. However, what about customers looking for tenant insurance, or boat insurance or liability coverage for their small business or their concerned about identity theft, maybe they love their gadgets so much they’d want replacement insurance …. and so on.

eCommerce can enable your brokerage to offer dozens of fantastic product to your current and new customers without any concern to minimum premiums. Use your website to sell low premium, but high perceived value product while your expert staff spend their time on the phone with complicated high premium coverage.

Get ready for the future with an eCommerce strategy.