by | Oct 23, 2016 | Broker, Insurance

Insurance Broker’s Association of Ontario (IBAO) held its annual convention this past month. BrokerLift was pleased to be invited to deliver a “BIP Talk” to a crowded room of Brokers, Insurance companies and industry leaders.

Our topic was “Diversification,” and we covered why Insurance is at a tipping point and why it was exciting to be an Insurance Broker during this period of change. Technology is only a tool, and if you don’t adjust how you work that tool won’t be all that useful. However, if you’re willing to leverage that technology to diversify your business, you should be thinking about:
•  New and unique ways to deliver your products
•  Selling to new groups of customers
•  Creating unique solutions to suite ever evolving needs
•  Playing the long game, measuring innovation success in years not weeks

We then wrapped up with the idea of being bold, thinking big and rallying the organization under the banner “better is always possible.”

The IBAO team did a fantastic job this year and we’re already looking forward to next years event!