Digitizing the most important role of a Broker; Advice.

by | Nov 12, 2016 | Broker, Insurance, Customer-centricity

Adding eCommerce capability to your brokerage doesn’t need to take away from your primary value proposition; advice and guidance. When building online experiences we recommend replicating what you do everyday; ask customers questions, understand their needs and recommend the right coverage and insurer to suit their needs.

We recommend doing the same thing when it comes to digital distribution; ask questions and based on the answers guide the customer down a path. That path could be a phone call because their needs are too complex for a simple digital transaction or that path could be recommending a commercial product over a personal one, in the case of home-based businesses. We rarely recommend showing a customer multiple products from multiple insurers and letting them pick; you’d likely never do this over the phone so why do it online.

Your eCommerce application should be independent of any one insurer to allow the flexibility of digitally recommending the right product from the right market. For example, your application process should be able to dynamically path a customer away from one product and into another.