Want More Auto Customers? Get Any Customer First.

by | Mar 5, 2016 | Insurance

Acquiring new auto or home customers is hard and getting harder. Customer’s expectations are constantly changing; expecting more digital service, cheaper prices and instant quotes. Rebuilding your website or adding a ‘click to quote’ button might be a start, however, it doesn’t give you any competitive advantage. Underwriters and Brokers are creating entirely new “digital” brands that promise consumers quick quotes, big savings and instant service. Feeding these new sites are becoming increasingly more expensive, the more brands paying for the same prospect increases search and online advertising prices.

You’ve got a couple options here; 1. Set aside a lot of marketing money and try and compete for online auto leads, or 2. Go around the competition by focusing on “need” and relationship management. Consider the world of specialty insurance and warranty, protecting what the customer thinks is important – not just trying to service their legal obligations.

Commissions might be small, however, the goal here is to put a relationship in the bank for future commissions.